Thursday 11/30/2017

Thursday night (11/30) the 5th grade will perform ONCE ON A HOUSETOP. 5th grade students will meet in the cafeteria from 6:00 -6:15pm. The students will move to the hallway outside the cafeteria, with their teachers, at 6:15pm. The performance will begin at 6:30pm. In this international holiday celebration you’ll join a group of chimney sweeps as they sing across the rooftops of the city and discover all the different ways people celebrate the winter holidays. The 5th grade students playing the part of chimney sweeps should wear all black or dark blue for the performances Thursday 11/30/2017 (8:15-8:45am, 9:00-930am & 6:30-7:00pm) in the cafeteria. Those students who are stage managers and light crew should also wear all dark colors. The rest of the 5th grade students should wear something festive for the winter holidays (La Posada, Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa). Please remember all students will need their uniforms after the morning performances. Thanks! DWEHR


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